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National Food Database - Page 2                          

The database will be manually constructed and maintained by Consensus Software. It will be based on manufacturers product-line listings, but will include own-brand lists. We estimate the total food and beverage list will be around 9000. The listings will be against the nationally agreed barcode numbers for packaged products. 

For each product listed on the data base a "product Information profile" will be inserted which will include: main ingredients/cooking instructions/serving recommendations /storing or freezing information/defrosting instructions/and nutrition details. At present there is no such national data base because food manufacturers  record and present this data in  a variety of ways.

The foodcounts system will harmonise this data-range presentation, and when established will enable a wide range of interrogation programmes to be developed [this is covered in the next page]. The data base will be accessed via the foodcounts website, with individual web pages for each product item to allow clear presentation of information, and to create space for other product info or advertising

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