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A high mass of data can be connected to the core identification barcode of each food item, and a new suite of software is now being designed that will allow impressive levels of interactive interrogation of the food database. Initially there will be 3 levels of system application. 

Base level will be public access to the web-site. New software that focuses on the data-base operations of Tesco and Amazon, and a new method of hierarchy classification, will allow rapid product enquiry to single display pages.

The 2nd level will be full interactive interrogation - based on highly intelligent software that will match individual food preferences or special requirements to product choice. This will also provide an interactive link with on-line suppliers.  

The 3rd level will have the added feature of a home scanner to enable shopping lists to be checked into a virtual storage larder, and creating a home database drawn from the master database. This will allow for a considerable range of information choices.

This service will be sold direct to consumers, retailers and appliance manufacturers. [END]

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