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FUNDAMENTAL FOODS by foodcounts®                 

A proprietary (and provisional) list of whole foods which, from analysis, are also main-ingredients for most fresh, packaged or processed foods - and for which a full range of nutrient values have been officially established. There are 167 such fundamental foods. The 16 most popular (super-fundamentals-foods) are highlighted in upper case:

Almonds Anchovies Apples Apricots Asparagus
Aubergine Avocado Bacon Bananas BEEF
Beetroot Blackberries Blackcurrants Black-eye beans Brazil nuts
BREAD Broad beans Broccoli Brussels sprouts BUTTER
Butter beans Carrots Cashew nuts Cauliflower Celery
CHEESE Cherries Chestnuts Chick peas CHICKEN
Chicory Chillies Clementines Cockles Cocoa
Coconut Cod Coley Coley Cornflour
Courgette Crab Cranberries Cucumber Curly kale
Damsons Dates Duck Eel EGGS
Fennel Figs French beans Garlic Gherkins
Goose Gooseberries Gouda Gourd Grapefruit
Grapes Guava Haddock Hazelnuts Herring
Guava Haddock Hazelnuts Herring Honey
Kidney Kiwi fruit LAMB Leeks Lemon sole
Lemons Lentils Lettuce Lobster Lychees
Macadamia nuts Mackerel Mange-tout peas Mangoes Margarine
Marrow Melon MILK Mint Mung beans
Mushrooms Mussels  Nectarines Oats OIL
Okra Olives Onions Oranges Parsley
Parsnip Passion fruit PASTA Paw-paw Peaches
Peanuts Pears Peas Pecan nuts Peppers
Petit pois Pheasant Pilchards Pine nuts Pineapple
Pistachio nuts Plaice Plantain Plums PORK
POTATOES Prawns Prunes Pumpkin Rabbit
Radish Raisins Raspberries Red kidney beans Rhubarb
RICE Runner beans Rye flour Salmon Satsumas
Scampi Sesame seeds Shallots Shrimps Skate
Soya beans Spinach Spring onions Squid Strawberries
SUGAR Sultanas Sunflower seeds Swede Sweet potato
Sweet corn Swordfish Tangerines Tomatoes Trout
Tuna Turkey Turnip Veal Venison
Walnuts Watercress Whelks Whitebait Whiting
Winkles Yam