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Environmental Costs of daily nutrition

The consumer costs of foodstuffs are set down primarily in the retail price-lists of food-sellers and there are a series of variables when considering the check-out prices of fundamental foods:

  • Which named variety?

  • Organic or non-organic?

  • Fresh, frozen, canned or dried?

  • Low cost or luxury brand?

  • Point-of-sale or doorstep delivery?

And there are further variables in relation to depreciation in nutritional value:

  • method of packaging?

  • eaten raw or cooked?

  • method of cooking?

  • method of storage?

  • period of storage?

And final cost factors in relation to measureable extra costs

  • cost of energy to cook or store

  • cost of wastage and throw-aways

And for those who wish to include an environmental-count, there are the carbon footprint calculations which are beginning to appear in food-seller labelling.

All of these are counted variable which will be factored in to our proposition on the Foodcounts Mobile Phone Food Diary